Boutique hospitality marketing is uniquely challenging. The 10 largest hotel chains in the world offer 113 different brands at price points across the board. This is why branding differentiation is so critical, especially for independent hotels who don’t have the backing and resources of a global brand. Boutique hotels do have several advantages – they operate autonomously and are flexible with campaign strategies. This opens the door to infinite marketing possibilities.

Persona is Everything

Boutique hotels stand out from traditional hotels because they are unique, authentic, quirky and offer tailored service. The modern traveller is increasingly in search of an intimate stay that is uniquely curated. Crafting a story around the personality of the brand’s guest is an important starting point in establishing a strong brand identity. Building a narrative surrounding this identity will inform every design choice and experience in the property, from the logo, to brand message, to design elements, to delivery.

Guest recognition remains the top reason guests return to a hotel. They want to feel at home.`

Experience, Experience, Experience

Branding doesn’t end with printed materials and signs. Everything that the guest sees, smells, hears and feels contributes to their overall experience. We imagine how we want the guest to feel, and design from there. The essence of the brand must resonate in all elements of each service experience, as subtle and delicate it might be. Employees should adopt the core brand values and implement them at every opportunity.



While the boutique hotel industry is valued at $7 billion as of June 2017, and on the rise, most independent hotels struggle with maintaining brand consistency and managing marketing campaigns. Effective and consistent brand management is essential and doesn’t have to break the bank. Delivering an integrated media campaign in well-timed phases would yield great results. Planning is everything. This is where MVA comes in.

At MVA we believe that storytelling is at the heart of branding. Our ability to think differently, and challenge audiences are our greatest assets when developing a brand identity. We work with clients from inception to delivery to ensure that their uniquely crafted brand leaves a lasting impression.

06 June 2018