Myanmar Facebook Messenger Ads
In their Myanmar marketing, companies have to take into consideration the particular internet habits of the population. For instance, compared to most other markets, it’s nearly impossible to reach the people of Myanmar through traditional email marketing. However, just about anyone with access to the internet can be reached via social media. In connecting with the people of Myanmar, Facebook’s new Messenger Ad Service has the potential to be a truly useful and even disruptive channel. Here is how the new Facebook Messenger Ad Service works, why it is useful, and how it can build a bridge between your company and your customers.

Why Myanmar email marketing is so difficult

Even as smartphones and data become more affordable to the people of Myanmar, most still don’t use a personal email account. This is because when someone enters a shop to buy their first smartphone, the store clerk usually helps the customer create their Facebook account on the spot, and the person never even knows that there is an email address connected to their account. Myanmar people use Facebook to look for local news, updates on their friends and family, and increasingly to find goods and services that interest them.

Whether this is because more people own smartphones than personal computers or that they are unfamiliar with using email, businesses looking to grow their sales in Myanmar have to come up with an alternative means of reaching their audience than traditional email methods. Utilizing the country’s dominant social media network, Facebook, is often the clearest path to running a successful online marketing strategy within the country. So what are Facebook Messenger ads and how can they strengthen your company’s bond with the market?

What are Facebook Messenger Ads?

With so many people using Facebook’s messaging service these days, and with ad revenue making up the lion’s share of the company’s bottom line, it’s no wonder Facebook has decided to integrate its advertising services with Messenger. Users can now see an ad in their feed that links to a messenger conversation rather than to a website. These destination ads send the customer directly into a chat with your company that can be automated to answer any questions they might have, and eventually drive them to a sale.

Just like regular Facebook ads, these can be tailored to reach your target audience’s age range, interests, behaviors, gender, etc. The key to creating a good ad that will engage your potential customer in a conversation will be constructing a proper prompt to begin with. This means coming up with a good question or conversation starter to include in the text of your ad such as “What language would you most like to learn?” for a second language learning course or software.

You can also write your prompts in a more direct manner such as, “To speak with one of our language learning specialists right now, click the link below” The quicker you can respond to a potential customer’s inquiry, the better. Myanmar customers may want to know details on the services you provide or a quick question about a particular product. When users are then instantly engaged with a live response, the bridge towards a sale can be built swiftly and seamlessly.Young people use Facebook Messenger

Reaching your market through inbox advertising

Additionally, Facebook has begun to allow ads to appear in a user’s inbox as an unread message. These messages can include incentives such as free samples and discount codes. While this might seem intrusive at first glance, Facebook has done a good job at incorporating them into the in such a way as not to annoy their users.

Messaging ads will only show up in people’s inboxes who’ve already messaged your company previously. The number of these people can be grown by using the destination ads mentioned earlier. That means getting someone to talk to your business via messenger from a placed ad is the perfect place to start in your Facebook Messenger campaign.

Think of your messenger subscriber base as a Facebook mailing list. Of course you don’t want to be too spammy in your approach, but being there to answer questions quickly and make offers your customers are looking for will definitely boost their user experience and create a more convenient customer journey. As stated earlier, this is a great opportunity to offer customer incentives like discounts and free trials to a population that values affordability.

Building a Facebook Messenger subscriber list might be the perfect hack to get around the lack of email use in Myanmar and run direct marketing campaigns. But a list will take time to build. Companies interested in this approach should get started as soon as possible.

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06 June 2017