How Insights Connected us with OK Pills’ Target Audience

With discussions about reproductive health moving more into the public domain in Myanmar over the last decade, a new market for female contraception is being approached in ways never seen before. As a creative agency, MVA saw a challenge waiting to be solved – how to target and connect OK Pills, a female contraception brand by Population Services International (PSI), with the right audience in Myanmar.

The Importance of Insights

It’s a known fact that customer insights are important for any successful marketing strategy, but understanding how they fit into a campaign can be much trickier. For OK Pills, it would make sense to target women as they are the projects primary target audience. However, due to the changes in society in Myanmar over the last decade, we knew the discussion had to expand, so gaining insights into the emerging social change was essential.

For a marketing team to be able to utilize customer insights effectively in their campaigns, the four following components are crucial:

1. Full access to clean, reliable data.

2. The right tools to analyze the data.

3. The skills to be able to interpret the data.

4. The right technology to be able to act on the insights.

At MVA, the creation of a single customer view is essential, and ensuring your data is based on facts is also vital. With OK pills, we secured the best customer insights to create the right connections with the right target audience.

Through sophisticated analysis, the results we found told us that family planning transcends class. For a digital video to work, we needed to target working-class and middle-class families, mothers who already have children, and most importantly, their partners.

OK Pills inspired women from all walks of life to powerfully speak out about what they want in the future, and their partners support them in reaching their family goals. Expanding over several marketing platforms, we utilized digital videos and corporate talk events with local key opinion leaders to emphasize the importance of talking openly about reproductive health.

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12 December 2019