Wellness centers have flourished in recent years which makes it more critical than ever to distinguish a spa through thoughtful, creative branding. In the US alone, the spa industry generates $16.8 billion annually. What makes a spa stand out? The unique treatments? The high standard of service? The architecture? The aromas? The essence of a brand should be encapsulated in the first image that guests are exposed to before even reaching the property – the logo.

Start with the WHY

The most important question of all is why? What inspired you to start this business? How do you think others can benefit from it? What makes you unique? Giving a designer insight into the why’s will make branding richer. A great designer will translate these clues into graphic elements that tell a story, forming a solid brand identity which leaves a lasting impression on clients.

Branding Consistency

Acquiring a logo from an online logo farm won’t get you very far. Consumers will be confused away from brand loyalty. While the logo is undoubtedly the starting point, branding needs to extend further with clear style guidelines that ensure consistency throughout all media. Corporate identity, website and all marketing materials must fall in line with these pre-established guidelines or the audience will receive mixed messages. Building trust with a client base means they’re more likely to walk through the door again and again, and business will flourish.


Brand Story

You should think of your spa as a personality – How does she dress? How does she speak? How does she welcome her guests? Applying the story behind this brand personality to every detail of the spa experience completes the story-telling process. Designers will understand how to use color and typography to elicit the desired emotions in your guests. Branding extends further to staff presentation, guest interactions and of course, the spa’s social media voice – Every outlet must be designed to support the overall brand identity of the spa.

08 August 2018