MVA took the reins in launching Nestle’s new product, Shal Kaw, steering their brand in a new direction and engaging the local market like never before to deliver a unique, custom-created coffee brand that was authentic in every sense. Our multi-dimensional services exceeded brand and consumer expectations through emotionally charged television commercials and roadside experiential marketing campaigns. By building the momentum Nestle needed to reach new heights in an otherwise competitive industry, MVA not only helped make Shal Kaw a household name but established a new premium price benchmark in the process.



Focusing on brand-building digital campaigns that leveraged pop culture trends, MVA led the creation of what turned out to be one of the most viral videos for KFC as part of the Mala product launch. Using striking animated logos, memorable motion graphics and an addictive dance craze to go with an original jingle, we promoted both the food and the dance through an engaging social media campaign that helped reposition their fun yet familiar brand identity.