A Fashion Diary for the Modern Myanmar Woman

Today’s digital marketing landscape is a tough place to navigate, particularly when conventional forms of advertising have been pushed aside in favor of new forms of content marketing. Content marketing is the planning, creation, distribution, sharing, and publishing of content to reach your target audience directly. DDD Couture is a leading fashion house in Myanmar with modern fashion for the modern Myanmar woman. It was a challenge to position their product in such a competitive market, which is why they chose MVA as their creative agency to lead their advertising campaign in bold new directions.

Build Your Strategy

Having a solid strategy is key to a successful campaign. The first step is to define your goals: Why do you want to create this content? Who is the content aiming to reach? Is all the information necessary? What will the audience be motivated to do after seeing it? Find your niche and aim for that. In a world of possibilities it’s important to clearly define what type of content you want to create – podcasts, blogs, virtual reality, videos, influencer-driven media… the list goes on. Once all of these criteria are defined, it’s time to let the creative juices flow, which is where MVA excels.

A Fashion Diary

In producing the content for DDD Couture’s social media, MVA adopted the concept of a ‘fashion diary’, with fresh new outfit combinations designed to inspire their target audience – the modern Myanmar woman. The images are high-fashion reflecting the brand’s high standard of quality, and crisp, to entice aspirational dress ideas in the viewer. We mapped out the Facebook Content Strategy and created content that are shareable, thumb-stopping, engaging and spot on with the target audience. 

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10 October 2019