Why Branded Key Visuals are More Important Than Logos

When a business develops, often one of the first brand identifying elements is their logo. For some, it’s their company name in a stylish font; for others, it’s an image or even a photograph that is memorable and iconic. But for many businesses, a key visual carries more weight and brings greater brand recognition than their actual logo. The difference is all in delivery.

At MultiVerse Advertising, we believe that key visuals greatly enhance the branding of any business. Either as an add-on to a logo or a stand-alone motif, key visuals are consistently used in advertising campaigns to build a strong association with the brand and its products or services – so it should be easily and quickly understood. The recurring image has the power to communicate a lot more information than a logo, and if marketed properly, can contain abstract and complex messages to the consumer without the need for explanation. After all, the human brain can process visuals up to 60,000 times faster than text.

Take well-known brands such as Frosties cereal, Milka chocolate and Michelin tyres. All three share the same key visual style – a mascot. Aside from their logos, they have a range of campaigns, adverts and key visual marketing strategies that use their mascots to frame the message. Other examples of key visuals include the instantly recognisable red and yellow colours of DHL or the bright orange of Europe’s EasyJet budget airline.

At MVA, we have developed the key visuals for many international and local brands to reach the Myanmar audience. Manulife, one of the world’s trusted life insurance companies, is now in Myanmar and to help them relaunch their brand, we created a series of videos and key visual marketing strategies that use graphics as their go-to touchpoint. The Manulife Agent History and Manulife Marketing Portfolio, developed by Multiverse Advertising, go to show how key visuals go a long way in developing a brand’s identity.

The talented design and marketing teams at MultiVerse Advertising are highly skilled in identifying images, colours, videos and core brand visuals that help to cement your brand’s identity, complement your materials, and support the points you want to make but in specific campaigns and as an overall brand. There is no set formula for how many key visuals your brand needs or how they need to be presented, which is why each brand’s marketing strategy is different and tailored to very specific needs. As with all types of marketing, key visual marketing needs a detailed, methodological approach to create success – but with the right key visuals, any brand can become instantly recognisable  to their customers, improving brand awareness and ultimately increasing conversions.

09 September 2020