How Video Content Helps Generate Leads and Drives Sales

According to a marketing study by Nielsen, the moment a video advert is viewed, ad recall, brand awareness and purchase consideration increase – and that’s before one second of the video has been played.

As people continue to find new ways to consume digital content differently, marketers need to stay on top of the metrics and utilise video in the right ways. From this snippet of data, it’s clear that shorter creative advertising works for social media platforms while keeping in mind that value increases the longer people watch.

Every part of a video view drives value. From initial impression to complete video view, understanding how video helps generate leads and drives sales helps brands build better content and better evaluate success. There are three main types of video that work well for driving sales on social media – the most popular platform for video advertising today.

1. A video that tells a story

A brand story is important. It explores the brand’s ‘why’ and the product that they’re selling on a more personal and relatable level. When making videos, MVA helps brands identify the best parts of their story and their products with the best stories to successfully revamp and revitalise a brand’s story and purpose to their customer.

2. Showcase your product

Sometimes it’s good to just focus on your product and ditch the waffle. Stand it centre stage through engaging video content that hooks the viewer and sticks in their mind. It’s easy to create short videos with product shots paired with big, bold text or an engaging narrative that stands out on social media.

Hot Tip: Even if your product doesn’t do much moving on its own, always show it off in motion. Videos that use photos get much less screen time. Invest in some video shots if you don’t have some already.

3. Feature a promo and get people talking

Videos that share a special deal or limited time offer get a lot more views and a lot more shares and social media comments spike (expect lots of tagging of friends). Promos and flash offers can play on the product’s scarcity or the strong ‘fear of missing out’ emotion.

Video has proven to generate leads and increase sales when done right. At MVA, we are experts in video content creation. Contact us today and find out how we can help your brand grab attention, tell a story and convert views into customers.

03 March 2020