Ready Chef Branding A-Z

ASEAN food giant Golden Net, recently launched Ready Chef, a new brand of ready-to-cook meals, for the Myanmar market. MVA was tasked with developing the brand’s identity which included everything from logo design, to packaging, to content creation and the development of various marketing strategies. Having a solid brand identity is critical to connecting with consumers on two fronts: creating a clear impression of a company and product to a new customer, and reminding consumers about the brand and products offered. Let’s see how MVA developed Ready Chef’s brand.

Branding Strategy from A-Z

Branding starts with the logo. The logo must be instantly recognizable, it should instill trust and it must communicate the product clearly. With Ready Chef, we combined a sketch of a chef with a steaming pan – which clearly conveys the concept that the consumer is the chef, and all the ingredients are prepared for you and at your fingertips. We made the logo fun, engaging and clear to appeal to a wide audience. We added the tagline “Open. Cook. Enjoy.” to concisely explain the product to consumers who might not be familiar with ready-to-cook meals.

Applying this logo to the packaging presented the challenge of selecting the right colors and design layout that consistently conveys the brand identity, while also making the product instantly recognizable to consumers. Sitting on a supermarket shelf, surrounded by competing products, means that packaging has to stand out and hold the attention of the consumer. Branding is absolutely critical as it affects how people perceive your brand and can drive new business as well as increase brand awareness.

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06 June 2019