Heritage in Timelapse: Bringing Artistry to Content Creation

Rosewood, one of the world’s leading 6-star luxury hotel brands is coming to Myanmar. Part of Rosewood’s core mission is to tap into the local culture by identifying what makes a city tick. Heritage in Myanmar is very much intertwined throughout the city’s grand, and often decaying colonial architecture as well as the country’s fast-growing art scene. Rosewood Yangon has chosen to revitalize an impressive and historic building in the heart of the city that has served as a political center, police commissioner’s office and most recently, law courts. In addition, the hotel has brought new life and purpose to the space by reimagining it as a showcase for contemporary art in Myanmar. As a creative agency, our mission was to develop a fresh marketing strategy that would tell the story of the artist’s process behind the paintings on view throughout the stunning property.

The Art of Content Creation

We created short and colorful video vignettes that offer a behind-the-scenes peek into the artist’s studio and give the viewer a glimpse of the painter’s process from start-to-finish. Through a series we call “Timelapse”, we enter each artist’s most intimate space and begin the process of visual storytelling. Commissioned specifically for this property, the series explores four locals artists, each working in their distinct style, all unified by their creation of art for Rosewood Yangon. Through these videos, hotel guests have an enhanced experience of the property and outsiders are drawn into the depth and richness of the story behind the imagery, taking hotel marketing to new and unexpected directions. 

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09 September 2019