How To Create a Brand Voice that Audiences Love

Which three words would you use to describe your brand while avoiding cliches? If that’s a hard question to answer, then your company needs to work on developing a clearer voice.

A brand voice is the representation of a brand’s personality. It is what a person feels when they interact with your company. It defines how you do everything – marketing, copy, design and customer interaction. It must be consistent and clear.

If done right, a brand voice is well known and (hopefully) well-loved by its customers. In the era of digital media marketing, the voice is especially important. With a brand voice that is clear and recognisable, you stand out in the sea of competition and remain identifiable in a crowd of imitators.

MVA helps clients to develop their brand voice and convert that to reliable and results-driven advertising and marketing strategies. This voice is most easily found through group brainstorming sessions that answer key questions about their brand and how they identify their voice and tone.

The brand’s promise, or the brand purpose, is the essence of what a brand is trying to say. Without one, their voice will be left unheard. With a strong brand promise, you can develop a brand voice successfully.

Refreshing your message is another way to clarify the brand voice. After a time, it’s natural for a brand voice to lose its impact. Purging everything that is not aligned with the voice is key to maintaining a well-known brand presence, and having a clear set of guidelines on what to say, what not to say and what words to forever avoid helps make it easier for your staff, advertisers, consultants and even the media to grasp what you’re about.

Words are beautiful, and when used in the right order, can make or break a brand. Using simple words often works best, and a human touch to marketing is something people can’t ignore. When creating a brand voice that your audience loves, you must put the customer first and your company second. Ask yourself, if you were the customer, how would you like to be spoken to? If you’re still struggling, maybe MVA has the answers.

03 March 2020