Brand Stories Start at the Beginning and end with Purpose

To tell a brand story, you need to know the brand. From effective marketing to entrenching a narrative that connects a brand to its audiences, the core brand story is a fundamental and unique part of any movement. Through unchanging narratives and clear direction, a brand’s story comes to life and sends messages to the masses. Simply put, storytelling activates your brand.

Ten years ago, Simon Sinek said: “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Today, his message hasn’t changed – the language of ‘why’ or your ‘brand purpose’ is once of great importance. Take his own story, for example. He is his brand, and through telling stories, his followers are well versed in his core principles.

But finding your ‘why’ is not that simple. It’s more than a statement of intent or a statement about what you think your audience will get behind. It’s a journey that is rooted in your vision, mission and core values. Your brand story begins at the beginning, and you need to dig deep and wide to find your brand purpose.

At MVA, we work with brands daily to help them find their purpose and share it with the universe through calculated storytelling and multi-platform content creation. As expected, each story we help write is different, but a few fundamental rules guide our processes.

In any story, the truth is important. For us, telling a brand story only works if that story is real. From grassroots to global, consumers can spot untruths, and they will be inclined to not engage with the brand if they do.

MVA helps to marry brand truth with audience need across marketing and advertising to create a brand story with context, and one that is humanly approachable. If your brand purpose is made clear, it motivates you and your employees while also clarifying the message you wish to share, allowing for change and growth if necessary.

By starting at the beginning, you can build more effective storymaking across every marketing channel. Find out how MVA can elevate your brand to new heights by contacting us today.

03 March 2020