How to Start Vlogging

How to Start Vlogging – it’s easier than you think!

Whether you want to try and become the next top influencer or just want to grow your business or brand, high-quality video blogging (or vlogging) is a vital skill, but it takes time to refine. Practice makes perfect, and given the circumstances, a lot of us have found to have a lot more time on our hands. 

Vlogging, just like in blog creation, begins with a content plan. Get a feel for the trends and the styles of vlogs out there by watching and researching your favourite YouTube channels, brands and social media influencers. From that, build an idea and see what style suits you best.

Equipment for vlogging is important, but it doesn’t take thousands of dollars. An iPhone camera, GoPro or simple webcam can do the trick, as long as you can smarten it up in post-production. 

When filming, try to not overthink and keep your actions natural. Speak clearly and avoid long silences by interacting with your audience. When you sign off, use a hook or personal quip that helps identify your individuality and boost watchability. 

Once you’ve got the film you need, edit it together by selecting the most exciting parts, cutting the rest and upload it for the world to see. To get skilled at vlogging takes time. Accept criticism, work on your editing, and if something is not working, reinvent your vision and try again. And remember, if your vlog gets enough subscribers, make sure to monetise! 

05 May 2020