TikTok: The Perfect Platform For Renewing Your Brand

Over the last few years, TikTok has risen to become one of the most popular social media platforms globally – overtaking the behemoths that once dominated both personal and brand communication for years.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ll know that TikTok allows users (both businesses and individuals) to create short, 15-second looping videos that have musical overlays, special effects and catch dance routines. The highly-stylised approach perfectly balances video marketing with personal desires to be noticed and viral digital media consumption.

Especially popular with Gen Z and Millennial demographics, brands can leverage its unique style to covet approval, interest, support and appreciation with ease. With over 10 million active daily users, it is the sixth-largest social network today. However, it maintains a very specific target audience compared to the top five. 

With the recent addition of advertising and hyperlinking for businesses, it is becoming increasingly accessible for corporations to reach a younger target audience, although influencers and individuals still hold the majority of content in their hands.

Communication Strategy: Dance!

Dance challenges have been the cornerstone of TikTok’s infectious rise, and brands are, both knowingly and unknowingly, being promoted across the platform, driving brand awareness and much more besides.

Savvy brands and digital marketing agencies are starting to utilise this more informal approach to appeal to the TikTok demographic, through funny videos, dance challenges and viral content of their own. 

For example, MVA recently collaborated with KBZPay to promote their new and improved app through an integrated marketing campaign led by a TikTok-style dance video. Featuring some of Myanmar’s most favourite celebrities, their notoriety turned the dance into a viral challenge that spread organically across the platform. 

Check one of the dance videos out below – this time uploaded to YouTube (because why not share cross-platform).

With its casual, informal approach, TikTok and TikTok-style video marketing strategies are fast becoming one of the most valuable and effective ways to communicate your brand to a new generation of consumers. The bottom line is that fun and creative content promote a brand’s awareness far better than almost any other method to date. Once you gain notoriety, celebrity, influencer, and paid partnerships can help bolster and leverage your messaging even further. 

MVA has the resources and the know-how to tap into this un-and-coming resource, and now is the time to act – before the platform becomes as saturated as all the others already are.

01 January 2021