A High Class Whisky for a High Class Market

Marketing in a World of Retail

We developed a variety of creative materials and marketing tools to grab the attention of potential consumers in retail outlets. As with all effective marketing communication, the first objective of POP (point of purchase marketing) is to capture a consumer’s attention with a compelling message. POP should be eye-catching and should also engage the consumer with product information, informing them of any relevant promotions. Most consumers today are undecided and easily influenced so POP has the power to influence consumer choices. 76% of all purchase decisions are made in-store, which means the time, attention and strategic design into your POP material is the most effective way to drive up sales. POP is the final frontier to help carry your message through, reinforcing your brand and ultimately closing the sale.

The 4 C’s

The Path to Purchase Institute adopted the 4C’s as their criteria for a design contest and it offers an academic approach to connecting shopper behavior and POS design.

Command Attention! Customers need to notice your display. The first step to success is to ensure your POS stands out in a retail or online environment that is saturated with distractions.

Connect With the Shopper! Now that you have their attention, it is critical to make sure that the consumer is able to understand your product in a matter of seconds. Any confusion will make them overlook your product and move on to something with clearer communication.

Convey Information! Now that you have their attention how can you convey a clear, compelling message that closes the deal?

Close the Sale! This is the most critical stage where the product flies off the shelf and into the shopping cart.

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11 November 2019