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Multiverse Advertising - Blog Post 2 October 2016

Credit to Kenneth

We think of ourselves first and foremost as a creative agency. While some people might think that means that we’re wishy-washy, head-in-the-cloud types, on the contrary we’re very strategic in our work. As a Myanmar marketing agency we know that the only way to help brands stand out is to approach all of our work from a creative place, whether we’re working on a design, or something more analytical like a media buying plan.

To us, creativity is not limited to our designers. We expect everyone in our agency to contribute to creative endeavors and it’s common for people on the account side to come up with brand names, taglines and other concepts that are eventually chosen as favorites by the client. Too many people have a very limited view of what creativity actually is; it’s common to imagine a creative person as artsy, right-brained, and un-analytical in their thinking. Experience has shown us that this is not the case and we believe creativity extends far beyond the traditional “creative side” of a marketing agency.

Creativity means finding a unique approach to solve problems

We believe that anyone who is good at what they do is that way because they are creative. Creativity doesn’t just mean someone who can create nice pictures or music. Take a web developer as an example, one of the most analytical and left-brained jobs there is. Great developers are those who can problem solve, and even though they’re dealing with computer logic, it takes creativity to come up with solutions to tough problems.

The same thing holds for marketing agency account managers. In any market, there are always issues that can creep up. It takes quick thinking people with creative solutions to make sure these issues don’t turn into problems. This is even more true here in Myanmar. Fortunately, our account people are hired in part for the way their creativity fits in with our company culture, and that means they are adept problem solvers.

Multiverse Advertising - Blog Post October 2016

Credit to Kenneth

Why creativity is doubly important for a Myanmar marketing agency

This is a frontier market and things here rarely go off exactly as planned. A Myanmar marketing agency has to be ready to find a workaround to any problem that will arise. It takes creative thinking to solve these issues and it can sometimes seem like there is no solution. Yet somehow, every time, we put our heads together and find a way.

Why it’s essential that marketing work be creative

Of course we also have the kind of creativity people usually think about when they imaging creatives. Our creative directors, art directors, designers and copywriters all come up with beautiful and compelling work. The fact that we are allowed to be creative is why we do the work we do and why we come to work everyday. We are lucky to be able to do the work we love, and the reason we love it is for the creative outlet it gives us.

But we don’t make creative work just to do it. We do have solid strategic reasons for doing the work we do, but we believe that having the work be creative is just as important. Work that is not creative is ordinary, and ordinary work is ignored. If you can’t stand out, nobody will notice you.

We’ll end this week’s slightly rambling post with a great quote that pretty well summarizes how we ensure there is always a fresh stream of creative ideas coming out of our agency.

“Creative ideas flourish best in a shop which preserves some spirit of fun. Nobody is in business for fun, but that does not mean there cannot be fun in business.” — Leo Burnett