East Meets West Poster Design


There’s so much more to the business of creating captivating and effective advertising than layout and images. The most critical aspect in poster design is understanding your audience and how they process imagery. Chinese-born German artist, Yang Liu has developed a series of href=”https://www.theexpatwoman.com/eastmeetswest/” target=”_blank”>creative illustrations that take cues from her east-meets-west background, revealing the importance of understanding cultural psychology in the marketing and design process.

The Early Years

Liu was born in China to Chinese parents and moved to Germany at age 14. She doesn’t identify with any one culture over the other, but considers herself as an individual with first-hand  insight into two very different worlds. Harnessing this influence, she created illustrations that depict the cultural struggles that she experienced for close to 20 years – the differences in social behavior, punctuality, ideals of beauty, problem solving… These were issues that she had to negotiate on a daily basis since her teenage years.


Liu’s designs appeal to both German and Chinese audiences. There is no judgement in her work. Her representation is simple, using universal symbols that are readable by any audience. Her stark simplicity echoes her German influence and her use of color could be influenced by her Chinese roots, picking a vibrant red for China and electric blue for Germany. Her work has reached incredible success and been published into a book by Taschen. This is effective poster design.

East Meets West

At MVA, we are incredibly proud of our cultural diversity. Not only are we from various parts of the world, but coming together with our varied experiences have made us a strong advertising team. Through engagement, study and discussion we are able to build an understanding of how we can best communicate a brand identity to our audience, and translate that into effective and imaginative campaigns.

07 July 2018