Instagram has built up a network of more than 500 million active users who share 95 million photos and videos every day. With soaring engagement rankings that far exceed other social media outlets, Instagram has the possibility of reaching a significant global and targeted audience while boosting any marketing campaign. The rise in user base can be attributed to it being consistent in adding new features that marketers can utilize to tell a better brand story.

For spas and wellness centers it’s an opportunity to feature special treatments, offer discounts, highlight facilities and build a sense of community with prospective customers using these new features and tools.

Create Immersive Spa Experience with IGTV

With the specifics of social media in constant flux, it is indisputable that video/moving images move the followers better than static image. In response to that, Instagram recently added a new feature called IGTV. Videos on Instagram are limited to a maximum length of one minute whereas IGTV is up to 1 hour and optimized for mobile viewing in full screen vertical orientation. It is a gamechanger for spas  to make use of IGTV to showcase the atmosphere of your spa since spa customers like to visualize their experience before visiting one. By creating scroll-stopping full screen videos that provide immersive spa experience to the customers beforehand, spas can enjoy the new wave of customers who were converted by IGTV.


Do More Than Hashtag; Go Beyond with Product Tag

Everybody hashtags their content whether on personal profiles or business profiles. While hashtags are a great way to organize and categorize, they lack the ability to tell a story. This is where Product Tags come in. Spas can use product tags on their products which users can click to get more information such as product name and price, leading to the page where they can actually order on second click. Moreover, IG stickers are also great way to create visually engaging content for your spa along with product tags.

New tools and features are being added very frequently on social media platforms. A carefully crafted marketing strategy that recognizes the power of Instagram and the ability to make use of its latest tools are essential to creating a successful spa profile. These tools can help tell a better story, create an immersive spa experience, generate new customers and build an online social community.

10 October 2018