Top spas around the world share at least one quality – they each possess unique and thoughtful interior design elements that reflect the shifting trends and interests of consumers. People are increasingly concerned with overall health and wellness, as well as, having an awareness of their social and environmental impact. They are also more connected than ever to social media. These concerns need to be reflected in the interior and service design choices of a standout spa.

A Healing Experience

High-end consumers now look to spas beyond the treatment itself. The essence of wellbeing has to envelope the guest from the moment their journey begins through the spa doors, touching on all their senses. Every texture, every sound, every smell, and every sight must speak to the essence of healing and wellness. Where the guest sits, what they are offered, where they wait post-treatment – all of these key locations must be designed with a deep understanding of the core principles of the spa. Cookie-cutter spas no longer cut it!

The Destination

Spas have become target destinations in and of themselves with the place being just as important as the quality of service. A return to nature, with a high regard and connection to native resources has become of paramount importance. Incorporating the local culture, traditions and wisdom into the spa journey adds mindfulness rooted in the present place. This mindfulness is key to having a meaningful and memorable spa experience.


Taking it to the next level

With a rise in social media, spas have also become an increasingly social space. In the past, guests sought isolation as a key component of relaxation, but now things have shifted. With an audience that is increasingly community-minded, always connected and sharing, designers need to create spaces that invite a sense of community. These choices must be consistent throughout the branding and marketing materials, and that’s where MVA comes in. Through logo development, website and social media engagement, we can create inviting branding concepts that make the spa experience begin before even setting foot on the premises.

08 August 2018